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The Wellsway Chiropractic Clinic

The clinic was established on the Wellsway in Bath in 1994, and has grown steadily since, with a patient base that extends widely from Bath into the surrounding counties.

The clinic is recognised by many leading healthcare providers including BUPA AXA/PPP, and HSA.

The aim of the clinic since its inception has been to provide safe, gentle and effective Chiropractic treatment, and to be able to provide that treatment when it is most needed.

The Clinic treats a wide range of people from the very old to the very young. Patients present with a whole variety of problems, from common lower back, neck and shoulder problems, to more obscure and challenging conditions, which often may not have responded to conventional intervention.

The key to any patient management programme is to locate the primary source of the problem, and to treat that, and not to concentrate on just alleviating the symptoms. This approach may take a little longer, but often it is more comfortable, produces more comprehensive results, which last longer, with reduced incidence of recurrence. 


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